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What is rated output?

Rated output is the amount of power that a portable power supply can consistently output.

What is a pure sine wave? Are all your products pure sine waves?

A “pure sine wave” is the waveform of the current flowing from an AC power supply in a household outlet, and it has a smooth curve and a regular shape. Since many home appliances are designed to be used with household outlets, some may not work properly unless they use a sine wave. Therefore, by choosing a sine wave portable power supply, it is possible to safely use home appliances in the same way as a household outlet. All ENERNOVA products are pure sine waves.

Please tell me how to use it while maintaining performance?

Here’s how to make your lithium-ion battery last longer.
1, use in a suitable temperature environment
Charging in extreme environments still puts a strain on the battery.
Generally, you can charge the battery without problems in an environment of about 0°C to 45°C.
Cold environments below about 0°C have an unfavorable effect on the battery.
We recommend storing and using the battery in a temperature range of approximately 0°C to 45°C.
2. Storage method when not in use for a long time
When storing, please turn off the power with the charging capacity of the main unit about 50 to 70%.
Also, avoid high temperature, low temperature and humidity, and store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
For safety, please turn on the power about once every 3 months to check and maintain the appropriate charging capacity, and check if there is any abnormality in the function of each part.

Is pass-through available?

Pass-through is available, but as a prerequisite, the output power must be smaller than the charging power.
When the output power of the device is greater than the charging power, the battery will not be able to hold the charge and it will turn off.
If you use it like this for a long time, it will lead to some battery cycle deterioration and shortened life.
There is a “cycle” as an index to measure battery life, and one cycle is charging from 0% to 100% full,
It refers to the state in which the electricity has been completely discharged to 0%.
Excessive amplitude (100%-0%) will put a strain on the battery.

Is it possible to connect the Enernova portable power supply to a third-party solar panel and use it?

Can. We recommend a 100W/18V solar panel.

The cooling fan runs all the time and doesn’t stop.

Our products adopt a smart heat dissipation system, the temperature sensing element checks the heat generation temperature of the internal heating element, and when the heat generation temperature reaches the design temperature (45 degrees), the cooling fan will start to dissipate heat. increase.
It is a product design that emphasizes safety by firmly dissipating heat.
The starting time/frequency of the cooling fan is affected by the environmental temperature and load power.
The higher the ambient temperature and the higher the load power, the faster the temperature of the internal elements rises, and the faster and more frequently the cooling fan starts up.
The loudness of the cooling fan when running is within specification if the noise is less than 55db outside a distance of 1 meter.

What is battery cycle life? Is the battery safe even after 1000 uses?

Our nominal number of charge/discharge cycles is 1000 times, and one cycle is full charge → full discharge.
After 1000 uses, due to the characteristics of the battery, it generally drops to about 80% of the original capacity, but the degree of decline varies slightly depending on the customer’s maintenance.

Is it possible to make the AC socket for the product according to the specifications of each country?

The AC sockets and voltage of our products can be customized, and we will manufacture products that meet the standards of the customer’s country.