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Innovative technology, the future of energy Portable generators and solar panel

Product family

Founded with an impassioned commitment, Enernova is dedicated to “providing reliable portable power solutions for residential and business users” while steadfastly respecting the environment.

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Portable Power Station

Portable power supply

Continuing to uphold our original intention of “focusing on the research and development of renewable energy products,” we consistently provide our customers with first-class products and wholehearted services.

Became the top manufacturer in China

Up to now, we have become the leading manufacturer in the fields of portable power station, ESS, adapter, inverter, BMS smart battery management and so on.

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Portable Power Station

Eco-friendly, innovative and convenient

Believing in the capacity of our energy storage products to reshape people’s lifestyles and become the trend leaders of the 21st century, we are committed to actively sharing a future that is green, innovative, and convenient with people.

R&D Center

Portable power supply, and three interconnected areas comprise the Technology Center.

Furthermore, a professional technical team, incorporating renowned experts in the inverter industry from Shandong University and seasoned personnel with over 10 years of extensive experience, actively constitutes the staffing of the R&D center.
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Product display area
Enernova portable power supply
Moreover, the R&D center possesses electrical energy testing equipment from domestic listed companies. In addition, it actively provides excellent design and ensures the production of high-quality products.
Portable Power Station-home
Conference room for presentations and training
Enernova portable power supply

Our Factory

ENERNOVA is always committed to innovative R&D and quality control.